Czech Republic – Taste of Tradition

Český Krumlov

During this trip, you have opportunity to explore Český Krumlov. See the most famous sights, such as the Church of St. Vitus, Český Krumlov Castle and the medieval town centre.

Kutná Hora

Visit the town of Kutná Hora, 80 km east of Prague. The city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a beautiful cathedral, ossuary and much more.

Karlovy Vary & Moser Factory

From Prague, we travel west of the City, then proceed on foot to explore the wonders this spa town. We stroll through the colonnades, have lunch and visit a traditional glass factory.


During this trip, we remember the Second World War. We visit the historical town of Terezín, which served Nazi Germany as a Jewish ghetto. We also take a look at the anti-Fascist Terezín Memorial.

Mělník & Kokořín Castle

See Mělník, a beautiful town near the capital city of Prague. Taste its wine! In Mělník, you can view the Castle and the confluence of the Elbe and Vltava Rivers. Then we move on to Kokořín Castle, which is especially interesting, set in beautiful natural surroundings.


Visit Křivoklát Castle, one of the oldest surviving fortified castles in Bohemia, which is commandingly situated on a rocky hill above the village of Křivoklát, 45 km west of Prague.

Konopiště Chateau

On this trip you will see Konopiště Castle, a very famous castle in the Czech Republic with an attractive English park and rose garden. There are also bears in the Castle area.

Karlštejn Castle

During this trip you will see Karlštejn Castle, the most famous castle in the Czech Republic, which towers above the little picturesque village of Karlštejn. Visit the key areas such as the Imperial Palace, and see beautiful paintings, frescos and other treasures.

Červená Lhota & Hluboká Chateaus

These two famous Czech castles are about 30 kilometres apart. First, we visit Hluboká Castle, where we also have lunch. Then we travel to Červená Lhota, the most romantic chateau in the Czech Republic.